Taste of Florence

Caffé Di Firenze is a Caffé, pastry and panini shop inspired by the ideals of the iconic Firenze caffe culture from 1800: to believe and to serve high class coffee and pastries in an elegant location.

The use of the best and 100% Arabica coffee in the mix make the location a must for the lovers of the coffee. Caffé Di Firenze also offers organic and fresh homemade true Italian Pastries and Organic Paninis in your choice of vegetarian, Vegan and meats.


We are not just like every coffee shops, we are Caffé Di Firenze who will ensure you to get the best and warm experience from the time you enter until you leave, and will promise you to deliver the same if not better consistent service each and every time.

The purpose of finding and serving the best quality coffee is to keeps the tradition of good Italian coffee and will ensure its quality. Caffé Di Firenze not only ensures its best coffee and products, but it will also ensure and allows you to rediscover the pleasure of coffee in a cozy atmosphere and comfortable, in an authentic Italian environment. 






















Superior Quality
and Service

We are here to serve you the best quality of service and coffee, understanding your needs in term of pairing pastries and our coffee drinks. Our ingredients are 100% organics, with No added colors or preservatives of any kind. So give it a try and see the difference yourself.

Directly from the source

Caffé Di Firenze will be purchasing the coffee beans which it is being purchased as a green coffee straight from the farm and ensure its quality before it is shipped to Napoli, Italy for roasting under Italian coffee quality control. Once the roasting has been completed, it will be tested before it is packaged and shipped to us fresh each and every time.